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Best Small Diaper Bags Reviews

Typically a small bag is described as something in the range of 13″ by 18″ and a width of around 2-3″ This is small enough to make the bag not take over everything else, and yet remain practical enough to be able to fit all of baby’s stuff inside. A diaper bag is not really of any use unless it can hold the basics.

My advice would be to go for something like a 5-7 piece set as one of those usually comes with a smaller bag or purse. You still have the bigger bag as and when you need to use it, but you also a get a smaller bag which you can use for shorter trips.

The SoHo Collection – 7 Piece Set

You can see from the picture above that this bag is still small enough to use as an everyday bag, but it also comes with the smaller purse, and accessory cases. That makes this set of bags affordable and at the same time, you get to have a good level of choice.

This particular one comes with 7 different pieces, and within those there are 2 purse style bags that can be used for really short trips. It also means that everything matches up and you also get the bigger bag which is important to have for longer trips. More at

Skip Hop Pronto

The Skip Hop Pronto diaper changing kit is just what you need, when you need it. There is a pocket in the front for keys, phone, or whatever that zips. You can clip the bag to your stroller or carry it with the wrist strap. The diaper pad can be used with the bag or zips off for ease of use or cleaning. I’m also a huge fan of translucent wipes cases so you never run out of wipes.

Vilah Bloom Harbor

This tote is perfect for those women who love a preppy-looking bag. Its straps are long enough to be worn over the shoulder, which is ideal for comfort. In addition, it comes with clips so that it can be attached to your stroller so you don’t have to be tied down. The features include nine different-sized pockets (one made specifically for wipes) and two spots for bottles.

Wendy Bellissimo Black Main Squeeze Diaper Bag

This is the perfect bag to wear outWendy B Tote on the town with your little one! It features 5 exterior and 5 interior pockets that can hold all of your baby’s essentials. It comes with a removable, cross-body strap and a changing pad.

Thomas Bay Monterey Patchwork

This bag has only received “5 star” ratings which shows that it is a top product. It is a cotton canvas bag with a nice floral pattern. It makes a great baby shower gift and I think it looks really trendy.

It measures 15.2″x9.1″x1.5″ so nice and compact. The reviewers describe it as a nice bag that is both pretty and practical. It is also really well made which of course ensures its durability. It is ideal if you just need to nip to the Mall or take some sort of short day trip. More at