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Why Good Quality LED Desk Lamps Blow The Competition Out Of The Water?

LED lights offer significant advantages over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, and I’ve listed a few important ones here.

1.Low Power Requirements:

The best LED desk lamps have a big advantage over competitors in terms of low power requirements. As it stands right now, LED desk lights use far less power than incandescent bulbs.

They are roughly on par with fluorescent bulbs, but as the technology improves that seems likely that LED lamps will surpass fluorescents soon too. Every little bit counts, and a low drawing LED light for your desk or office can make a big difference over time.

2.Long Life:

LED bulbs have an incredible lifespan. They don’t have the same filaments that incandescents have, and they don’t create a great deal of heat, so that means they last a very long time. An LED light bulb is more expensive, true, but it also lasts 10 to 20 times longer than a conventional light source.

3.High Light Quality:

The light produced by the best LED desk lamps is among the best out there. Since LEDs are easy to alter, you can get both warm and cold light from them, and there is no ‘flicker’ like you get from fluorescent light tubes.

4.Compact and Portable:

Light emitting diodes are pretty small, each one can be as small as a grain of rice. That means that a desk light with LED bulbs can be really small, compact and attractive. Why clutter up your precious desk space with a huge lamp? Keep it low profile with one of these guys.

The downside of LEDs: Their light can look other-worldly or too blue. The Satechi lamp solves that problem.

Similar to lighting used in the International Space Station, it gives you four different settings for the type of the light you’d like. Each one of its four modes is easily selected via a capacitive touchpad in the base.

Of the 4 modes, Study Mode is the brightest, using mostly white LEDs for a color temperature of between 6,000K and 7,000K. (Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin, with the higher numbers closely resembling daylight, and lower numbers representing the warmer, more yellow color you’d get from an incandescent lamp.)

1.PRISM LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glaring Filter

PRISM LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glaring Filter
PRISM LED Desk Lamp with Anti-Glaring Filter

The PRISM LED TL-4300 desk lamp is another favorite of mine for a few reasons. When compared to lights with similar features, it’s a total bargain at well under $100. That may be a bit more than a conventional lamp, but this one is rated to last 25 years, and uses a fraction of the energy of a similar product with a conventional bulb.

It has a neat feature where it ‘folds up’ into a nightlight style. It also features touch controls with 3 levels of dimming. The light is phenomenal because it’s specially tuned with an anti-glare filter so it’s easy on your eyes as you work or read. The fact that it has a 3 year manufacturer warranty is a nice thing too. This is one of the best desk lamps with LED features out there.

2.OXYLED: The Perfect LED Desk Light For Eye Strain

If you’re someone that struggles from periodic eye strain and stress, and the concept of an LED desk lamp or lighting solution makes you a little nervous, you might want to consider this lamp by OXYLED. The lamp is designed to mitigate this kind of strain as much as possible, and they’ve taken steps to improve upon previous design trends.

First off, this lamp is intended to minimize ‘ghosting’, which is caused when you have a lamp with multiple light sources and bulbs. Ghosting can cause a false depth and excess stress, and this lamp utilizes a wide light area that creates a consistent brightness with minimal shadows.

In addition, this lamp is built for reading purposes and desk work, because there is a built-in glare filter and no flicker at all.

The lamp fixture itself is beautiful, and it has a refined and modern appeal. There are six different brightness settings depending on your particular needs. The neck is flexible and can be rotated, so you can position it wherever you need it.

With a tiny power requirement and a lifespan exceeding 25 years, this one is a keeper. It also has fantastic customer reviews, and it’s available well under $100, making it a bargain when compared to other models. More at

3.AUKEY Bedside Lamp, Touch Sensor Table Lamp

AUKEY Bedside Lamp
AUKEY Bedside Lamp

With its simple look that would take the LED table lamp to the next level of light up a bright new living styles. It’s a 2 in 1 touch sensor that light color can set to normal usage and an auto cycle. The greatest design of this LED table lamp gives you a smooth relax feeling and soul touching with a slowly music. This is perfect for students in dorm or celebrations, families at special event. This is something we all need to get one.

4.Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp

Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp
Boyon Portable Touch Control LED Desk Lamp

The fourth rank product is this LED table lamp that was designed to carry anywhere you like with its small compact. It has a touch switches to make your eyes in comfortable environment. Easy to operate, simple and stylist and the energy saving LED light source no radiation, no flicker. It can last 3 hours in brightest and 8 hours in dimmer and most importantly, it’s a non toxic material that suitable for any ages.

5.Z-Bar High Power LED Light

Z-Bar High Power LED Light
Z-Bar High Power LED Light

The Z-Bar LED desk light is a really popular item, and for good reason: it looks amazing! Since light emitting diodes are extremely small, there’s little need for a big, hefty bulb fixture.

The Z-Bar is the epitome of minimalism, using a simple bar studded with LEDs. The result is a light but very powerful light with a built-in 4 stage dimmer, which makes it a good choice for any situation.

It’s one of the best LED desk lights, and it reviews extremely well as a result. The light quality it generates is on par with sunlight, and the whole thing with all six bulbs uses just 9 watts of power.

Reading Mode (4,300K to 5,300K) mixes in more of the yellow spectrum, Relaxation Mode brings the color temperature down to 2,500K and looks quite warm, and Bedtime Mode is a similar hue, but even dimmer.

Speaking of dimmers, you can select one of four brightness modes as well, also selected by capacitive touch on the lamp’s base. Another handy feature is the 60-second timer, letting you tap its icon on the base and the light automatically turns off an hour later. More at