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Best LED flood light

Best LED flood light

Best LED flood light is an artificial light which is often a broad beamed one. They have been used from many years now. Earlier they were used to illuminate the streets but as the years passed they found their use cases at various instances and are used at many places these days.

Best LED flood lights were not invented straight away but were a successor to the old etal-halide’lamp which were used after the initial widespread of electricity which were capable of illuminating about 75-100 Lumens/watt. Also Sodium-vapour lamps were also used for some sporting events and they were brighter than the Metal-halide floodlights providing the illumination of about 80-140 Lumens/watt. More at

Invention of LED

Best LED flood light

After the invention of LED which stands for Light Emitting Diode, the landscape of the bulb industry changed forever. The bulbs before the invention of LED were based on a principle that there was a fuel which turned very hot providing illumination.

But the development in the field of electrics and the introduction of the electronics meant that this would be changed. Earlier bulbs used to consume a lot of electricity and the illumination they provided for that consumption was less. But as the LED were introduced to the market, it was proved that less electricity can also provide high illumination.

LED bulbs were not based on high temperatures but they were based on the various properties of the semiconductors that were used in it. Most of the LED bulbs were(are) made up of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Phosphide (GaP). These were much better than the Tungsten bases bulbs and other bulbs that were used before the invention of these because of the efficiency the provided.

Usage of LED Floodlights

LED flood light

Now, LED floodlights have found their use at various places and sports has been a major part of that. These LED flood lights are used in various sporting events and have made day-night sports possible.

They are used in Cricket, Football, Polo, Rugby, Baseball and other outdoor and indoor sports. You may have seen a lot of these flood lights on various grounds whether they be international or local.

The introduction of these LED flood lights have made sports more accessible. There are several of these high power lamps found on the ground which make the experience of playing of players as well as the experience of watching the game as good as it would have been in the day time. Yes, these big flood lights consume a lot of electricity as they are very powerful but they have changed the way of sports in a big way.

Moreover, these flood lights are used in the streets too. The old street lights which had older generation bulbs have been replaced by the LED Flood lights and this has contributed a lot in saving the electricity for the nations.

So LED not only provides better illumination for the electricity it consumes, but also has a major role in conserving electricity. So these LED Flood lights are the best option available right now as they have a lot of things going for them whether it be power consumption or illumination.More at